Windows Download Page

Here are the instructions to install FirstClass for the first time on a Windows workstation:

1. Click on this link to download the FirstClass 16.108 Client Software.
2. A file download window appears.  Depending on your operating system, select either Open or Run to download the software and start the installation process.
3. If you get an Internet Security warning window, click Run to proceed with the installation.
4. Next, the FirstClass installation wizard will begin.  Click Next to continue.
5. Click Yes at the the next window to accept the License Agreement.
6. Click Next to install the application for Anyone who uses this computer (all users).
7. At the Choose Destination window, click Next to select the default program installation location (C:\Program Files\FirstClass).  You will then receive a message that tells you that the folder does not exist and it will ask you if the setup should create it for you.  Click Yes.
8. At the FirstClass Installation Options window, click Next.
9. At the Start Copying Files window, click Next.
10. When the InstallShield Wizard Complete window appears, click Finish.

The installation is now complete.  You can now launch FirstClass to get to the login screen.  Since this is the first time you have installed FirstClass, you will need to specify what server that you want to connect to.  To do this:

1.  If you don't already see the FirstClass login screen, double-click on the FirstClass icon on your Windows Desktop.  To enter the server name, click on the Advanced button and then click on the Setup button.

2.  When the Service Setup form opens, type the following server name in the Server field:  fc.deltasd.bc.ca
3. Click the Save button to save these settings.


You should now be able to enter your User ID and password to login to FirstClass!