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flenenco-2.jpg    Welcome to Mrs. Mahara's website! This site has been developed as an informative site to keep parents informed as to what is going on in the classroom. Please note that this  website does NOT absolve the student's responsibilty to record all of the assignments down in their planner! All assignments are clearly indicated on the whiteboard, and it is imperative that students become engaged in their own learning!

Students are encouraged to use the multitude of websites available on the internet to review or clarify concepts covered in class. All they have to do is "google," whatever is their concern, and there will be a world of assistance at their fingertips!

Please do not hesitate to see me whenever there is a concern.  I teach on days 1 and 3 only. I am available for assistance from 7:35 a.m. until 8:30 on these mornings, and I am in my classroom for the entire lunch hour. Should you wish to see me after school, please let me know, and I will happily make arrangements to see you!

Should you wish to contact me, my school email is


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