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As people in this class we will do our best to:

  • Use appropriate levels of voice in and around the school.
  • Use appropriate behaviour in and around the school.
  • Respect others and their property.
  • Be polite by using please and thank you.
  • Do not interrupt others when they are talking and put your hand up to speak.
  • Stay on task to achieve your goals.
  • Do not bully or call other people names.
  • Pay attention to those who are talking to us.
  • Approach learning with an open mind and do our best.
  • Follow the rules set out by the teacher and staff of the school.
As the teacher of this class I will do my best to:

  • Enforce and justify rules that are in the best interest of the student's education and safety.
  • Help and be available to the students.
  • Be fair about homework.
  • Do my best to make learning fun and interesting.
  • Follow the learning outcomes set out the government.
  • Be respectful and fair to each student.
  • Take interest in the student's mental and physical well being.
  • Challenge students to do their best in all activities.

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