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Thursday June 15 at 12:30 pm in this room.

Tues June 13

Practice exam/ exam outline.

Fri June 9

Wrote final redox test.  Get out old MC reviews.  Next class is a study day.  Final exam is on Thursday June 15 at 9:30 am in this classroom.

Wed June 7

Students were given the class time to work on review materials (MC package and practice test) for next day's final redox test.

Mon June 5

Applications of redox assignment is due next day.

Thurs June 1

More electrolytic cells. Application; copper plating lab/demo.  Do Heb #68, 73-76.

Tues May 30

Electrolytic cells.  Do Heb # 34, 36a,b,c, 37, 64-67.

Fri May 26

Lab due today. In-class mostly review assignment is due next day.  Enjoy your grad.

Wed May 24

Lab; report is due next class.

Thurs May 18

Mid-unit electro-chem test.  Reminder that lab is next day.  Be ready!

Tues May 16

Review one balancing redox using ONs.  In class pre-lab WS.  Next day is the mid unit test.  Before next day (Thurs) do the review sheet.  For Wed May 24, complete pre-lab, read lab handout, prep data tables and expect a pre-lab quiz.

 ;;prep data tables for the lab.Fri May 12

Balancing redox using ONs.  Do Heb # 25 a to h.

Wed May 10

Half cell balancing quiz.  Balancing redox using the half-cell method.  Do Heb # 24 a to h.

Mon May 8

Balancing half cel equations using MOHC.  Do Heb #19-23.  Little quiz next day (balancing).

Thurs May 4

Lab; predict redox or no redox, and then observe.  Demo, electro-chemical cell.  Complete the follow-up.

Tues May 2

One more ON example.  Using the "Standard reduction potentials..." table to predict the spontaneity of a chemical reaction.  Do Heb #7-13.

Fri Apr 28

Using oxidation numbers to identify species oxidized and species reduced.  Do Heb #3-6.

Wed Apr 26

Intro to Redox.  Read Heb pg 189-192.  Do 1 and 2 and the seven Qs assigned in class.

Mon Apr 24

End of acids, bases, and salts unit test.

Thurs Apr 20

Complete the "Buffers in action" WS and do the unit review.  End of acids, bases, and salts unit test next class.

Tues Apr 18

Chemical buffers.  Do the WS and read Heb pg 181.

Wed Apr 12

A few more titration notes.  In class and HW is a ka and kb WS.

Mon Apr 10</div>
Notes; differences between titrating strong acid/strong base compared to  weak acid/ weak base.  Complete the graph WS and do Hebden # 114-119, 121,122,125, and 126.

Thurs Apr 6</div>
Lab titration of a weak acid with a strong base.  Lab completed and handed in during class.  WS for HW.

Tues Apr 4</font>

Lab; predicting the colour of various indicators in various strong and weak acids and bases.  Report is due next day.  Also read Hebden 159-162 and do # 108-113 and 120.

Fri Mar 31

Notes; indicators and titrations.  Do the prelab and do Hebden # 94-97.

Wed Mar 29

Warm-up quiz. Salts solutions; finding pH or pOH or,or,or.. for salts containing weak acid or base ions.  BIG WS due next day.

Mon Mar 27

Review pH and pOH for strong acids and bases.  Intro to hydrolysis of salts and pH and pOH of weak acids and bases.  Do Hebden # 69,70,72,73,84, and 85.

Thurs Mar 9

Review pH and pOH calcs.  Intro finding pH etc for a mixtue of a strong acid and strong base.  Do Heb # 49-51, 56,59,60,64, and 65.

Tues Mar 7

Intro to pH and pOH calculations.  Do Heb # 49 and 50.

Fri Mar 3

Acids, base mid unit test.  No new HW.

Wed Mar 1

Competing acids. ; Who gets to donate?&nbsp; Are reactants or products favoured?  Do Hebden # 38-43 and 46.

Mon Feb 27

Quiz; finding hydronium and hydroxide for strong and weak acids/bases.  Review.  Mid-unit test is Friday.</font&gt;

Wed Feb 22

Using the icebox to find ions concentrations for weak acids and bases.  Complete the WS.

Mon Feb 20&lt;/div>
More practice using the self ionization of water to find hydronium and hydroxide concentrations for both strong and weak acids/bases.  Complete the WS and do Hebden 35-39.

Thurs Feb 16

Went over exam.  One lab example (ranking the weak acids/bass). Intro the self-ionization of water.  Complete the WS and do Hebden #30-34.

Tues Feb 14

Mid year exam.  No new HW.

Thurs Feb 9

Second review day.  "Worst test" is tomorrow morning, mid year exam is next Tuesday.&lt;/font>

Tues Feb 7

Review day.&nbsp; Do all your previous review packages and do the practice exam.  Hand out with exam outline was given out. Sign up for "Replace your worst" today, and be here at 7 am on Friday Feb 10.  Other dates; Midyear exam is Tuesday Feb 14.  Mid unit test (acids, bases, and salts) is Friday March 3.

Friday at Fri Feb 3</div>
Lab; relative strengths of acids and bases.  Report and post-lab WS due next day.

Wed Feb 1

Lab; reviewing characteristics of acids and bases.  Report is due next day (all contained on the data page).

Fri Jan 27

Strong vs weak.  ka expression and values. How to use the B-L table.&amp;nbsp; Do Hebden # 21-26.

Wed Jan 25

Review of B-L acids and bases.  Identifying conjugate acid-base pairs.  Do Hebden #13-19.

Mon Jan 23</font>

Review Arrhenius definitions, intro to Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases.  Do Hebden #10-12.

Thurs Jan 19

Some important dates; Worst test re-write, Mid-year exam and mid-unit (A,B,S) announced.  Intro to acids, bases and salts.Read Hebden 109-114. &nbsp;Know the 4 acids and 3 bases described. &nbsp;Do Hebden unit IV # 1-9.

Tues Jan 17

Test; Solubility equilibrium.&nbsp; No new HW.

Fri Jan 13

Review day.&nbsp; Complete the review package.  Go over your notes and examples.&nbsp; Test next day.

Wed Jan 11

Using solubility to separate ions.  Hard water (WS assignment). Start review.  Friday is review class, test is Tuesday.

Mon Jan 9
Common ion effect (affecting apparent solubility without changing temperature).  HW is WS and Hebden #81-86.

Thurs Jan 5

Lab; to find the approx ksp of PbI2 and how temp affects solubility.  Report is due next day.</div>
Tues Jan 3

Welcome back.  Notes on how to predict a precipitate using a trial ksp.  Do Hebden # 56,59,64,57, and 58 and do the pre-lab calculations.

Enjoy the holidays.  See you on Tues Jan 3!

Thurs Dec 15

More ksp problems.  Complete the WS.

Tues Dec 13

Lab report due.  Notes; introduction to ksp, the solubility constant.  Do Hebden # 22 and 40-49.

Thurs Dec 9

Lab; solubility. ; Complete the report.

Tues Dec 7

Go over ion concentrations after dilution.  Intro to solubility.  HW is Hebden (unit III) #1-5,8-17, the one dilution problem and the lab prediction pages.

Fri Dec 2

Intro to phase equilibrium. ;; Solutions, net and total ionic equations, dilutions.  Complete the WS.

Wed Nov 30

Dynamic equilibrium test.  No new HW.

Mon Nov 28

Review day.  Test outline given.  Read over your notes and labs and complete the review package.  Test is Wednesday.

Thurs Nov 24

Lab; finding keq for an equilibrium system using a spectrophotometer to determine FeSCN2- inon concentration.  Report is due next day.

Tues Nov 22

Has the system reached equilibrium?  What way will it shift?  HW; two WSs and read the lab handout (prelab quiz).

Fri Nov 18

Problem solving with the keq expression.  WS is due next day.</font&gt;

Wed Nov 16</font>

Problem solving using keq and the ICE box.  Do Hebden # 46-50.

Mon Nov 14

Review keq and which stresses will cause it to change. Do Hebden # 36-45.

Wed Nov 9

Take up quiz.  Lesson; intro to keq.  Do WS#1 and Hebden # 31,32,34 and 35.

Mon Nov 7

Lab; qualitative equilibrium shifts.  Report is due next day.

Thurs Nov 3

Quiz.  Do the prelab activity. Read about the Haber process and making cement (pg 56) and do # 29+30.

Tues Nov 1

Representing upset equilibrium on concentration graphs.  Do Hebden # 21-28.  Quiz next day.

Fri Oct 28

Finished the notes about enthalpy and entropy.  Started on factors affecting equilibrium and equilibrium shifts. Hebden 14-20.

Wed Oct 25</font>

Factors that determine if a chemical reaction will go to completion, reach a state of equilibrium, or even proceed at all; enthalpy and entropy.&nbsp; Not quite completed! Do Hebden # 14-16.

Thurs Oct 19

Unit test.  No new HW.

Tues Oct 17

***Test is rescheduled until Thursday Oct 19 due to my absence and anticipated interruptions during class today***. ; On Thursday, we have Ch12 last block, from 11:10-11:55, before parent-teacher conferences.&nbsp; Since it is a short class, you will be allowed to stay until 12:30 to finish the test if you wish.  Today we will do the unit II (equilibrium) introductory notes.  Hebden ,unit II # 1-13 will be due on Wed Oct 26.

Fri Oct 14

Unit review.  Do the old practice exam questions and check your answers.  Read over all your notes and look at your old HW assignments.  I will be at school on Monday.  If you have questions, see me before or after school.  The test is next day.</font>

Wed Oct 12

Lab; finding delta h for the parts and for the overall reaction of neutralization of HCl+NaOH. ; Report is due Friday.  Friday is unit I review day and the unit test is on Tuesday Oct 18th.

Fri Oct 7

Catalysts notes and assignment.

Wed Oct 5

Pre-lab quiz.&nbsp; (lab is postponed until next week) Delta h calculation.  Take up reaction mechanisms WS.  Another reaction rates WS for HW.</font>

Mon Oct 3

Finish energy graphs. Reaction mechanisms. Do the WS and read the lab (prelab quiz).

Thurs Sep 29

Collision theory continued.  Vocab.  PE graph review, intro to the KE of particles at various temps. Reverse reaction. Do Heb # 29,31,34-37,41-43 and the energy graph WS.

Tues Sep 27

How to monitor the rate of a reaction. Intro to collision theory.  Do Hebden # 12,13,16,17, and 19.

Thurs Sep 22

Pre-lab quiz.  Lab to learn about factors affecting rate.  Report is due next day.

Tues Sep 20

More rate problems.  Complete the WS and read the lab (objectives and procedure) for a pre-lab quiz.

Fri Sep 16

Mole review question.  Intro to "reaction rate".  ;Chem 11 Review test.  For HW, do Hebden Unit I, #1-6.</font></font>

Wed Sep 14

BCE problems from last day?  Mole review.  Complete the mole problem sheet.  Grade 11 review test next day!

Mon Sep 12

Names and formula leftovers.  Review of types of chem reactions and the BCE.  Complete the BCE review booklet for HW.

Thurs Sep 8

Welcome to Chemistry 12.  Today we went over the course outline and classroom expectations and reviewed names and formulas.  Practice WS in class.  Review WS is due next day.

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