Tips for Parents about the Internet

Checking your Browser:
History: shows where the computer has been lately. Press  [Ctrl][H] to bring up the history.

Cache: these are files that are saved to a folder on the computer. In IExplorer, click on Tools> Internet Options>General>Settings. Finally, click on View Files

In Firefox: in the address bar, type in about:cache and press the [Enter] key.

Configuring MSN Messenger (Chat)
See the page at Scroll down to see the options for Parental control. You can control who your child can chat too and also set up logging of the chats.

Direct link, click here  

Using a safe Search Engine:
Most of the regular search engines have the ability to set up "safe" searching.
For example, Google: At the Google Home Page, click on Preferences and set the SafeSearch Filtering to the Strict setting.

At, click on the Web Search button which will take you to 
There you can click on the Preferences and set the safe filtering.

Another good site for students is KidsClick:

You can also take advantage of electronic databases that have reviewed content.

Thomson-Gale Electronic Databases: Delta students have access to the Thompson Gale electronic databases from home and from school at any time. Go to:

You need to have an ID and password to log in. Click here for your school's info.

Fraser Valley Regional Library has NetLibrary and access to EBSCOHost. You can access this with your FVRL library card.

Click on On-line Resources and then scroll down to Ebscohost.

Direct EBSCOHost link is here.


The Media Awareness Network has a great site for Parents for all sorts of media issues. See:

For info relating to the Internet in particular see:

Tracking Where Kids Have Been Online

Filtering Tools: An Introduction

Another good site to check out is Get Net Wise at:

It has a great section on video tutorials showing you how to setup your browser to be more secure.

Internet 101 is a Canadian site developed by Canadian police and community organizations. It has some great resources.

Microsoft has its own Parent page that looks at the developmental stages of Interent use.

ATT has a Internet safety game that helps to explain some of the dangers of the Internet. It is suitable for grades 3 to 7. has a number of resources on it relating to cyberbulling. is an American site and it has a number of excellent videos for both Parents and Teens. See:

For a sample Parent video see:

A sister to site to NetSmartz is NetSmartz411. It advertises itself as: "parents' and guardians' premier, online resource for answering questions about Internet safety, computers, and the Web."

More on Instant Messaging: The District Attorney's office of Los Angeles has this site:

Education World has an interesting article by Nancy Willard on Why Teens Make Unsafe Choices and suggestions on helping teenagers to make safe choices.

WebWise Kids is an American site that has a great parent resources page and are American sites that have a number of tips and tools for kids that parents can read, too.

Teen safety on the Information highway is "one of the leading online safety and education programs in cyberspace" and has tutorials, documents and other resources for kids and parents.

Other Media Issues


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