UNIT 1: The electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature

a.  KMT, properties and the atom
b.  The periodic table
c.  Bohr models of atoms and ions
d.  Ionic and covalent compounds
e.   Physical and chemical change
f.  Endothermic and exothermic reactions

UNIT 2: Cells are derived from cells

a.  DNA - structure and replication
b.  Mutations
c.  Cell cycle and mitosis
d.  Asexual reproduction
e.  Meiosis
f.   Sexual reproduction

UNIT 3:  Electric current is the flow of electric charge

a.  Laws of static electricity
b.  Series circuits
c.  Voltage, current and resistance
d.  Ohm’s law
e.  Parallel circuits

UNIT 4: The biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere are
             interconnected, as matter cycles and energy flows through them.

a.  Biomes
b.  Biotic - abiotic and biotic - biotic interactions
c.  Energy flow in ecosystems
d.  Nutrient cycles in ecosystems
e. Chemical pollution in ecosystems
f.  Sustainability in ecosystems
g. Heat energy transfer
h. Energy transfer in the atmosphere
i.  Weather systems and energy flow
j.  The water cycle and ocean currents
k.  Human activity and climate change

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