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Division 10 in Review

This week, we did the following activities in these subject areas …
(This page gets updated weekly on Fridays)

  • Student read a short story titled, Charles Schulz and the "Peanuts", and responded to a variety of comprehension questions related to finding facts, understanding words, making inferences, and getting the main idea
  • Pupils have also finished reading a short non-fiction book called Helping Hands. The class has reviewed strategies for reading non-fiction, including zooming-in, determining importance, and so on

  • The class wrote a creative and humourous story titled, The Final One
  • They have been reminded about basic paragraph set-up, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Students were encouraged to think of a creative opening, use multiple paragraphs, and include dialogue
  • They have also practiced formal writing by describing a topic of their choosing using an organized and logical format
  • Students have been reminded to use topic sentences, details, transitional phrases (first, second, third), and concluding sentences
  • The class has been continuing to practice their cursive handwriting skills while simultaneously learning about punctuation and paragraphing

  • Students have had opportunities in partners and small groups to collaborate on various assignments
  • Overall, they have been open about sharing personal stories about their time outside of class, from activities on the playground, to extracurricular events after school, and to family life at home
  • This week, the class celebrated 100 Days of School with their Kindergarten Buddies

  • In this chapter on Multiplication and Division Facts, students have studied and practiced the following skills:
  • Multiplying by Skip Counting
  • Building on Multiplication Facts
  • Doubling Multiplication Facts
  • Halving and Doubling Multiplication Facts
  • Using 10s to Multiply
  • Multiplying by 8 and 9

  • Division Ten has begun studying about this term's topic, Properties of Matter
  • They reviewed the three states of matter : solid, liquid, and gas
  • The class also examined a variety of solids and liquids under a microscope

Social Studies:
  • The class has been learning  about explorers
  • They have studied different perspectives on Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and Jacques Cartier
  • Pupils have also learned about the Northwest Passage and the disruption to the lives of Aboriginal people  as a result of European contact

Health and Career Education (H.A.C.E.):
  • This week, the class has been discussing about healthy friendships
  • Together, the class was work on problem solving and discuss notions of identifying other's feelings, similarities and differences, perception, and intention
  • They have reviewed these concepts by writing an essay and accompanying painting in which they have incorporated symbolism

  • Cougar Tracks
  • Fort Langley

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